I Am Back For Cleo

Nettlefield Primary School
June 14th 2016

Three thousand years ago, in ancient Egypt, there was a soda can named Omar.

Omar wanted to go back in time to steal Cleopatra’s cat, Cleopawtra. Cats were Omar’s favourite animal, especially black cats. Cleopawtra was a black cat with a grey body and gold painted face.

Omar had a best friend called Charlie. Charlie was a gangster unicorn with a time travelling red Ferrari. One day, Omar met Charlie in a tomb in a pyramid in the Valley of the Kings.

“Hi,” said Omar.

“Whaddup?” replied Charlie, doing a dab.

“Can I borrow your Ferrari, please?” asked Omar. “I need to go back in time”.

“What do you need it for?” said Charlie, doing the whip.

“I need to go and rob the Ancient Ulster Bank,” lied Omar.

He didn’t want to tell Charlie the truth in case he got jealous of Cleopawtra.

“I’ll come with you,” said Charlie, doing a backflip.

They jumped in the car and sped off at a 180 miles per hour (or faster). They flew off the ramp just as the time portal opened…