I'm Gonna Make It!

Christ the Redeemer Primary School, P5
13th June 2023

Once there was a girl called Carla who liked to play football. Carla had brown hair and blue eyes. Carla’s best friend was a medium sized German Shepherd dog called Bruno who barked but Carla could understand him. 

Every night Carla would say to Bruno, “I wish I had other friends and I wish I could win the World Cup as well.”

I wish I could do that as well, barked Bruno. “Bark bark bark bark.”  

Later that day she went to the football pitches and there were other girls playing and she asked, “Can I join in?”

The girls said, “Yes you can join in.” 

The girls didn’t really want Carla to join in because they hadn’t seen her play football before and didn’t think she could do it properly, but they said yes anyway because they didn’t want to make her sad. 

Whenever she joined in she was not really good at first. Then she kept practising over a long time until she was really good. 

Carla went back to the pitches and saw the girls again and asked to join in with them. One of the girls kicked the football at her and she tripped over it and hurt her ankle. Carla felt really upset but determined to show them how good she was. 

Later on when she’s in the hospital she realised she had broken her ankle and she couldn’t play football for 6 weeks. A nurse came in and said: “There’s someone here to see you.”

Her mum walked in with Bruno, and she and her mum talked for a while and then because she knew Carla was quite close to Bruno, she said, “I’ll leave you alone with Bruno for an hour.”

Suddenly there was a glass shatter, and Bruno ran down the stairs and didn’t come back up. Carla had to go down and see where he was but Bruno wasn’t there…