Jack's Journey

St. Moninna's Primary School, P5
12th December 2023

An elf flying a sleigh pulled by puppies while Santa looks up at them from the ground, he is angry and covered in snow, with escaped reindeer running around in the background
Illustration by Ben Claxton

Santa did not look happy; he was covered in snow. Santa crashed into the snow and it went all over him. There was no Christmas spirit in his sleigh. 

Jack the elf tried to ruin Christmas because when he was younger he was put on the naughty list. He was put on the naughty list because he ate all of Santa’s cookies. 

Jack said “he he he”. Jack let all the reindeer out and stole Santa’s sleigh. Santa said to Jack if he did not redeem himself in two weeks he would be on the naughty list forever. Jack just said “Never!”

The next day Jack was doing what he always did; being naughty. Tinsel, his best friend, dumped him because she didn't approve of him being naughty. Santa reduced the time limit to one week. Jack was really sad because he only had one week to prove himself. So that night Jack decided to go to the South pole. He met an evil reindeer on his journey. 

The reindeer said “Aye got off this land it’s mine so get off!”. 

The reindeer started chasing him but Jack’s little legs couldn't go fast. 

The reindeer said “I’m no ordinary reindeer, I am…"