Jake's Wildest Dream

Rathcoole Primary School
June 7th 2016

Once there was a turtle called Jake.  He lived in a box in an attic in George Best’s old house.

One day, Jake climbed out of his box and went to Windsor Park to practice for the Euros.  While he was training, he heard a voice – the voice of George Best.

“If you want to win, you have to train harder,’ said the voice.

Jake freaked out.  He screamed.  He screamed so loud that the whole world could hear. His friend Mia turned up in a fast shocking pink De Lorean.

“Are you OK? I heard you screaming from a thousand miles away,” said Mia. She had driven all the way from Brazil to Belfast.

“I heard a voice,” said Jake.  “It sounded like George Best.”

“Are you sure? Your head’s away with it,” Mia said.

Jake broke down in tears and retreated into his turtle shell.  He turned on his TV and there was a programme on about the world’s greatest ever footballers. 

He suddenly realised he was meant to be at the Euros in France.

He jumped out of his shell.  “You need to get me to the Euros!” he said to Mia. Mia looked up in shock from changing her tire.  “Hell, let’s go!”

They jumped into the car, did a wheel spin and zoomed off out of the stadium…