Jimbob's Crazy Life

Groggan Primary School, P5
23rd January 2024


One morning Jimbob was flying in the sky and spotted his best friend Timmy. Jimbob was trying to fly but he couldn’t because he was so tired! Then a giant crash happened from below; it was a cow crashing into a tree. But then Jimbob was going to fall. 


Timmy was watching the champions league final and his favourite team lost and he started to cry. 


Just before Jimbob fell, the cow who crashed into the tree jumped up and saved him. The cow was Sophie, a cow with pink spots, but then Sophie the cow started to fall towards the ground.


Then Timmy caught them before they hit the ground. Timmy said, “You’re so heavy I’m going to fall”.


Then Sophie said “Oops, I’m sorry”, and then Jimbob flies away to his mansion to sleep. 


But then on his way to the mansion he bumped into the same tree as Sophie and fell, and then Timmy came out of nowhere…