Joy and Bobby's Adventure

St. Patrick's and Seaview Primary School, P6
June 1st 2016

Once upon a time there was an alien-budgie called Joy. Joy wanted to have a better life. Her space ship had crashed on Earth and she had taken the form of a budgie.

Joy’s best friend was called Bobby. He was an octopus who worked in the fish section in Tesco. When Joy was flying through Tesco, she saw Bobby the octopus in his tank.

“Hello! You got any fish?” Joy asked Bobby.

“I’m sorry but I need to FINNISH my work,” said Bobby, winking slyly.

“OK, I’ll just wait here for you then,” said Joy in a whisper, so the manager wouldn’t hear.

After work, Bobby and Joy went to the pet shop to get a goldfish. When they got there, Tim the pet shop owner was there. Tim looked like a normal person but had three eyes. One was covered with a skin-coloured patch.

Tim saw Bobby and Joy. He knew that they were animals so he put Joy in a cage and Bobby in a tank. Then he took his patch off…