The Killer Rotting Cheese

Skainos Write Club
August 2nd 2016

Chapter One

Once upon a time there was an octopus named Cubie. He lived in the ocean with his turtle friend and his fish friend. One day they went into an ocean cave and found out that it was a death hazard. They put on their armour and went into the deep dark cave…

Chapter Two

The next day, they decided to go into the mountains. They found a ginormous footprint. They decided to go explore so they camped out for the night. They heard the ground shaking and when they looked up they saw the abominable snowman! They called their friend the flying octopus and the octopus used his magic powers to defeat the yeti.    

Chapter Three

“Look out!” they shouted as a giant pyramid fell on them. Luckily they made it out without being crushed, but they had to jump and landed on a bridge. The fish, the turtle and the octopus all needed water. They decided to get a big, massive cup and put it in the lake. They all stayed in the cup for wee while. When they got out they realized there was a massive cheese grater there. It was alive and they were grated to death!