Knife 3000

Stranmillis University College, BEd Primary Education students
26th April 2023

Stephen was in the knife shop and Francis was outside window-shopping.  Francis was confused as to why there was a guinea pig wearing a chef’s hat in the shop.  He had to find out more!  Francis was planning on stealing a shining sparkling knife and did not want to draw attention to himself. 

Stephen wondered why there was an old man dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit striding confidently through the door.  The man had a number embroidered on his chest.   Stephen squeaked ‘Watch it!’ as Francis nearly stepped on him. 

Francis was on his way out, when out of the corner of his eye he noticed that Stephen was being refused service.   Stephen was at the counter.

‘Can I have a Knife 3000 please?’ Stephen asked timidly.

‘Can I see your ID’, said the woman sternly.

Francis had had a guinea pig when he was ten years old and when he saw this he felt nostalgic, so he decided to help out this fellow knife-lover.  Francis scooped up the guinea pig and ran out of the door and the shop alarm went off….