The Legacy of Thomas

A colourful image of three people in a boat rowing towards a port with some boats docked at it. There is also a boat further out at sea. There are mountains in the background as well as houses and palm trees dotted along the coast.
Illustration by Eileen Niell

Fort Hill Integrated College, Year 10
14th December 2023

Once upon a time Thomas was on a boat in the middle of the ocean, playing with a bouncy ball.  He was on the boat with his two siblings because he had to evacuate to a new home. He was heart-broken and terrified to be leaving because there was a war going on and he couldn’t be with his parents.  He also felt relieved.

Three days later they docked in Kingstown, Jamaica.  They got off and went to the shops.   Thomas and his brothers, Tyrone and Billy, were crying so much that they didn’t know what to do and they wanted to be with their parents again.  Jamal stopped them because he noticed that they were unfamiliar.  He knew that he could help them.  Jamal said in a deep, worried voice:  “what’s wrong?  Where are your parents?” 

Thomas said “We’ve lost our Dad and Mum in the war.  I’ve come here with my two siblings to keep us all safe.”

Jamal swung his hands around and a circle appeared just like a black hole…