Lucy and the BFC (Big Friendly Cow)

New Lodge Arts Festival
August 12th 2016

Once upon a time, there was a giant called Lucy. She had blonde hair with a pink bow and big blue eyes. She wore a white dress with flowers on it and blue high heels with bows on the heels.

She also wore jeans and a t-shirt underneath her dress in case she had to fight evil villains.  One day, Lucy was outside playing hide-and-seek with her friend, the Big Friendly Giant. Suddenly they heard the Blood Bottler coming towards them.  “Whiskers, help!” she called to her cat, who was in Lucy’s castle playing with a ball of string.

Whiskers had big ears, green eyes, and ginger and black dotted fur. She heard Lucy calling and ran like the wind, jumping over obstacles like fences and walls. She ran past a giant cow with enormous horns called Spot.  

“MOOOOOOOOO!,” said Spot. “Where are you going?” “MEOW!” said Whiskers. “On an adventure to help Lucy.” “Can I come, too?” asked Spot. “Yes, come on,” replied Whiskers…