Luna’s Great Escape

Nettlefield Primary School, P4
11th January 2024

A robot looming over a frightened lemon in a kitchen next to an open fridge
Illustration by Sinead Farry

Luna the lemon was stuck in the fridge and was trying to get out. She got really cold. She didn't like being cold. Someone opened the fridge and she jumped out. A robot appeared out of nowhere and took her to a different dimension. The lime was also trying to get out of the fridge but it was stuck. Luna the lemon was in the dark dimension, and she was scared and too warm.

She saw a dark figure far away. It was a grim reaper. Then they met a friend called Sophire the lemon. Luna didn't know what to do so she ignored Sophire but then the grim reaper started running towards them. The grim reaper was hungry and wanted to eat Luna but then the other lemon Sophire helped her.

Luna got eaten but escaped through the grim reaper's bones. The other lemon Sophire was still trapped inside the grim reaper's belly. Sophire the lemon tried to get out and Luna tried to help her. Luna threw lemons at the grim reaper. Luna and Sophire both ran away while the grim reaper went to the bath.

Luna and Sophire both wanted to get away from the dark dimension and the robot took them away to another dark place. They quickly went there but they were in WWII. A bomb containing 152 grim reapers nearly hit them…

Our character ideas! Our main character ideas were a pink bubble tea called Della, Luna the baby lemon who throws lemons at other lemons, Cammy the green human who turns everything he touches green. Our best friend ideas were Emma the apple who does karate, Sam the sour teenage lemon, and Mia the carrot who does gymnastics. Luna's greatest wishes were a lime friend, to be human, or to have a sister. And her greatest fears were being eaten, humans, or snakes.