Magic Mo

St Bride's Primary School, P5
20th February 2024

Once there was a furry mouse called Mo and he had a friend called Bob, who was an evil turtle. Mo’s biggest fear was blue cheese because it was so stinky. Mo’s wish was to have golden cheese which was covered in another cheese that looked like gold.

Bob really, really liked blue cheese. On Mo’s birthday, Bob gave them most disgusting blue cheese on their birthday cake. Mo said angrily, “I don't want a cake with Blue cheese again!”

Bob yelled, “I love blue cheese. I don't care about you!”

Suddenly, Mo turned into a furious bull dog called So and ran at his friend. Bob was frozen for five minutes. Bob was angry and started smashing the cake with his super strong flippers.

So barked, “I am never going to be friends with you again"...