The Magic Rabbit

Botanic Primary School, P6
1st February 2024

Luna was shouting and banging at Annie’s door.  When she burst through she saw her friend transformed into a peculiar animal that looked like a rabbit. Luna screamed and ran out of the house.  She thought she was dreaming and pinched herself a few  times.  After a minute or two the rabbit hopped out of the house.  She squeaked a few times and Luna said, “How did this happen to you?”

Annie told Luna that she went to bed and when she woke up in the morning she had started to turn into a rabbit.  Luna could understand everything that Annie was saying because she was used to talking to rabbits!

Annie said, “Last night I went to the basement and I saw a magic potion that said Superpowers on the label and I think that’s why I’ve turned into a rabbit!

Annie began hopping because she had hurt her leg and suddenly she was flying.  She was shocked and instantly screamed, “Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Luna stood there with her jaw dropped and turned around and questioned anxiously, “What is happening?” 

“These are the powers that I got from the magic potion,” said Annie who was flying in the air around her garden and Luna was running after her.

Luna jumped up and grabbed Annie.  She wanted to bring her to a pet shop to help her get over her fear of other rabbits.  

They went to the rabbit area and Annie squealed and flew away.  Suddenly the pet shop owner grabbed Annie. 

But he didn’t look like a pet shop owner, he looked exactly like a scientist …