Majestic Rainbow Sparkles, the Doughnut Napper and Bob the Cloud

An illustration for majestic Rainbow Sparkles, the Doughnut Napper and Bob the Cloud, written by Victoria Park Primary School, P7Victoria Park Primary School, P7 
October 14th 2015

Once there lived a unicorn called Majestic Rainbow Sparkles. He was pink with turquoise hooves and rainbow features. One day he said to his sidekick Bob, “I feel like a hobo because I am all alone.”

Bob was a doughnut-spitting cloud. He was the unicorn’s sidekick. Bob fed him every day with his magical power of everlasting doughnuts.

“It’s not my fault you have no friends,” Bob said to Majestic Rainbow Sparkles. Suddenly Majestic Rainbow Sparkles began to cry. Vegetables came out of his eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

“What is happening to you? Why are there vegetables coming out of your eyes? Awkward.” said Bob.

Majestic Rainbow Sparkles ran away and got into his rocket. He decided to go to Planet Donadia to find a wife who treated him better.

“I’m sorry, you are not a good friend anymore,” he said to Bob. “I am going to Planet Donadia to find a beautiful wife.”

Majestic Rainbow Sparkles was afraid of running out of doughnuts because the cloud was not his friend anymore.

When Majestic Rainbow Sparkles left, Bob turned an evil storm cloud. “I am going to get you one day for this!” he shouted…