The Marvellous Magic Writer

St Teresa's Primary School, P5

10th April 2024

Once upon a time there was a girl called Alice and everytime she wrote a story it would come true. One night she went out to find some fireflies but she met a hedgehog who spoke. He said “Can I come into your house?” Alice said “Yes of course you can come inside because it is cold outside”.

Alice tells the hedgehog that it was her first day at school and she told him about her day. Someone at school has found out about Alice’s power. They tried to go inside her house and steal her pen and paper. But the pen and paper were in a safe so they were secure. She woke up because she heard banging on the safe and she saw a figure wearing a mask so she couldn’t see their face. They escaped by sliding down a rope out her window which was how they got in. 

Alice called the police who were unable to catch the suspect because they were wearing a mask but she had a feeling it was someone from her school. The police found some fingerprints and Alice asked them to check the fingerprints of her classmates. 

When the police got to her school they started rummaging through everyone’s lockers to try and find any masks and to check for fingerprints. As she went back home she decided to draw something using her pen and paper. It came to life but a part of it was missing! The paper was losing its power! The police asked Alice “What’s so special about a pen and paper?”