Max and Alex's Adventure

Carrick Primary School, P5
13th February 2024

One day, a golden penguin called Alex and a half-human-half-dog called Max were playing and sliding about in the ice. Then a vacuum cleaner came and sucked Max’s tail up. Alex had to bite Max’s tail to get it out of the vacuum cleaner. Max screamed, ‘Ow, that hurt!’ He slapped the vacuum cleaner and hurt his hand.

They tried to find the nearest plane to go to the United States of America because that’s where the vacuum cleaner hid.

They got off the plane. The vacuum cleaner was there and started to chase them. They started to chase the vacuum cleaner back!

Once they caught the vacuum cleaner they beat him up then cooked him for dinner.

Alex told Max, ‘The vacuum cleaner sure is clean!’ They went to a tropical ocean and they saw a bunch of bananas. Max exclaimed, ‘Shall we get some bananas from the tree?!’

A monkey said in an angry voice, ‘These are MY bananas!!’

Max shouted to the monkey, ‘We’ll fight for it!’

They start fighting…