Michael and the Ghost

Nettlefield Primary School, P5
15th November 2023

A gorilla standing on a mountain hugging a girl
Illustration by Sinead Farry​​​

One day Michael was alone at his house. Michael was scared to be in his house on his own because there was a frightening ghost. He was scared because he lost his pet gorilla Scott, when his gorilla was at his house and his gorilla escaped. 


He had a car so he drove up to the rocky mountain and started climbing to find a magical rock. He had read a book about the magical rock. He climbed to the very top and when he got there he saw Scott. He hugged Scott, and touched the rock and got magical powers and went back down the mountain to his house. When he got back to his house he got angry, and rocks started shooting out of his hands. 


‘I went to my other friend gorilla Katie and she helped me make the rock, said Scott. Katie came to the house with Michael and Scott.


‘Why did you make the rock?’ said Michael


‘Because I wanted you to have magic powers to help yourself!’ said Scott.

‘Did you forget there’s a ghost in the house?’ 


They sat in the living room and talked about the ghost. They talked about how to get rid of the ghost.


‘Don’t forget you’ve got magical powers!’ said Scott. ‘We can help you!’


‘Do you want to know what your powers are?’ said Scott.

Michael got a tingly sense that night. A few minutes later, all of the lights switched off, and they couldn’t switch them back on...