Mission Impawsible for Fox

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Johnston's P4
16th March 2023 
A 100 Years Project workshop

There was a girl called Violet who had a horse that she could speak to! She had everything she wanted, except a diary. So she went down to the woods, and said to a fox, “Okay big guy, please can I have a diary.”

The fox half knew Violet because he knew Violet’s horse.

The fox replied very excitedly because he had never been on a mission before, “Yes! I’m excited for this. I’ll just check down the Belmont Road. But I don’t have any money.” 

“Just steal it!” said Violet in a nervous voice.

The fox said, “But isn’t that illegal?”

Violet said, “Just try and be super sneaky.”

The fox was crossing the road when he jumped with fright. It was the first time he had ever seen a car, it was going at eighty miles an hour!

He jumped over the car and said, “That was close, I almost got run over!”...

Illustration of Strandtown PS Story
By Sinead Farry