The Murder of the Smith Family

Leo and his Monstrous Thoughts

Shimna Intergrated College, Year 10s
5th March 2024 

Leo was dreaming. He was having a picnic with his dad. He woke up and remembered again that his family was dead. His phone rang. It was his friend, Requis, calling. Leo didn’t answer the phone. He walked over to the window. Instead of his own reflection he saw the monster reflected. He turned round to see if the monster was behind him and then realised there was nothing there. When he turned back to the window the monster was still reflected there.

He suddenly obtained the thought in his mind, as the reflection turned into himself, that he might be the monster! 

A rock was thrown up at the window and he looked down to see Requis standing there with an angry look on his face and his phone in his hand. At first he ignored the stone but then he went down to see his friend. Requis explained that he had been kicked out of his house by his mother because he was getting into trouble and his grades weren’t good.

“Why are you never there for me?” said Requis.

Then he saw the look on Leo’s face and asked, “Have you had another nightmare?”...