The Mysterious Dinosaur

Strandtown Primary School, Mrs McLaughlin’s P4
15th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop


illustration by Ms McLaughlin

The time capsule was found in the garden of Strandtown Primary School, under a tree.  

A 17 year old guy called Frank was a garden cleaner at the school. He was working in the garden and he found it. He was very excited and he ran back into the school.  

He told Ms Honeybee that there was a random box in the school garden. Ms Honeybee said, “Stop being silly, there are no boxes outside!” 

“But I really, really, did see one!” said Frank, “I can prove it!” 

Frank told Ms Honeybee where the box was. When Ms Honeybee saw the box she was in shock because she saw that Frank was not lying.  
They opened the box and they found and old wooden toy dinosaur, painted green with brown eyes. There was ripped money in the dinosaur, sticking out of its mouth. 

Illustration by Ms McLaughlin

They noticed it had sharp teeth, as sharp as needles, made out of jewels! 

Frank started to pick it up and his hand started bleeding.  
They found a note inside which said, “This dinosaur is magic…”.