The Ocean Dragon and the Ice Dragon

Birches Primary School, P3
28th June 2023

Blue the water dragon was swimming through the ocean when he spotted something. It was grey with horns. He thought it was an ice dragon so he swam close to it and knew it was an ice dragon. It looked like a blue dragon with an ice tail.

“Do you want to be friends?”, said Blue.

“My name is Jennifer,” said Jennifer the ice dragon, “Yes, we can be friends.”

They went and explored the coral reef and they found jellyfish there.

They were swimming around the coral reef when suddenly there were really small, blue, sparky fish everywhere. They were really bright. 

All of the fish said, “Follow me, a shark is coming!”

They swam away and hid under a rock, but then the shark saw them behind the rock. They remembered that Jennifer had ice powers so they could freeze the shark and be safe…