The Old Cap

Bunscoil an tSléibhe Dhuibh, R6 
20th June 2023


illustration by Ben Claxton

Smack and snap went the mouth of the crocodile. 

The swamp was dirty, covered in plastic and green. A man named Patrick lived near the swamp and he was fishing and he saw the cap floating in the swamp and he called his friend, Michael over. 

“Do you think I could fish this cap out?” 

Patrick fished it out but something was tugging on the other end of the cap, something green and heavy. He saw two small eyes poking out of the water. 

Patrick was frightened. His heart was in his mouth. 

“Ah,” he shrieked, when he saw the two intimidating eyes.

The crocodile came at him with speed and Michael ran away. 




When Michael sprinted away he saw Lily from the corner of his eye, playing dress-up with her friends. Lily’s daddy had been eaten by the crocodile and when Lily saw Michael sprinting she wondered what was happening. Michael ran into a forest and Lily tried to follow him but she tripped over a tree root…