Ollie to the Rescue

Carr Primary School, P7

Illustration by Ben Claxton

28th November 2023

When Ollie was born he had a huge head three times the size of its body. He had an alien mum and an alien dad by his side. He had a big sister called Ellie. 

He was born in the Marsian Royal hospital on Mars. They didn’t use medicine, only alien magic.

One day Pugsley ran away. He was chasing an alien bird and he chased it all the way up to the highest point on Mars. Pugsley jumped to grab the bird but because gravity was weak there, he started flying away.

Ollie had lost his dog and then he made it his mission to find him. 

Ollie’s sister Ellie got annoyed because the dog was lost and started jumping up and down like she was on a trampoline and then she got lost in space as well. She had an alien tracker on her phone and it started beeping when she got near to Pugsley. 

Then the whole family started crying because they had lost Pugsley and their daughter. 

Their neighbour came around and said: “What are you crying for?” in a confused voice. 

Ollie’s mum croaked because she was so upset, “We’ve lost our Pugsley and our Ellie.”

Ellie was so far away in space that she didn’t see her family, but she had her alien phone with her so she phoned them and said, “I found Pugsley, but there’s an asteroid coming for me..!”