Olympic Disaster

Stranmillis Students
24th April 2024

Nelly was on her own in the pool training really early in the morning. Today was the day she was trying a new move called the Upside Down Tornado. Suddenly, she heard a noise and realised there was a crowd of people watching her. She got nervous, became distressed and started drowning. 

Edgar was minding his own business listening to Guns n Roses when he was suddenly soaked by what looked like a fountain spraying up. He was intrigued and excited so he drank up all the water and inadvertently saved Nelly! 

There was Nelly at the bottom of the pool shaking. “Oh ello there Ma’am” said Edgar as he used his trunk to blowdry her fur. “You look like you’re in a bit of bovver”. 

Nelly was trying to stand up but her knobbly knees caused her to slip and she couldn’t get a grip on the tiles with her hooves. She felt embarrassed. She turned red, her long neck hung low and she bashfully spluttered “thank you!” and galloped off to the changing room...