Peter and the Staff of Doom

Moorfields Primary School, Ballymena, P6Illustration for Peter and the Staff of Doom written by Moorfields Primary School, Ballymena, P6
4th March 2021

There was a superhero called Peter Swift who was 16 years old. He lived in an apartment on the fifteenth floor in Belfast. His apartment was very high tech. On one of the walls there was a picture of a superhero. Behind the picture was a button. When he pressed the button, the wall opened into a secret room. It was full of costumes and gadgets.

One night, Peter was sitting doing his homework, when the ground started to shake. He jumped out of his seat, and reached for his laser gun. The door burst open!

“Quick, run!” shouted Smoke the Dragon, who was Peter’s best friend. “Vanessa is up to no good again!”

A girl appeared at the door. She had long wavy brown hair, bright blue eyes and a crooked staff with a gem on top in her hand.

Peter jumped onto the dragon and as they tried to fly away, Vanessa froze his foot to the ground...