The Poisoned Strawberry Ice-cream

Killowen Primary School, P4
8th June 2023

Illustration by Ben Claxton

Stinky Bob and his brother are going for a walk. An enemy is coming behind them to kidnap the both of them, but Cutesy the dog rescues them and they continue on their walk to get cheese to build the cheese house. Billy Joe the half dinosaur half man comes to help build the cheese house. 

Then it’s built and then the magical mermaid Sky knocks it down and steals all the cheese but then once she gets it into the ocean it goes all mouldy and bad. 

And then Portia, the fairy, appears with her magic wand and stops the cheese from going mouldy. 

Then they all try and help each other to build the house.  They made this big mansion with the cheese and it was so big they all lived in it and then wanted to go and get food. 

They were all discussing where they wanted to go. 

Portia said “I want to go to Country Fried Chicken.”

Sky said “I want to go to McDonalds.” 

They couldn’t decide so they had a vote, but there was a draw so Sky called the FoodDelivery guy to be the deciding vote. 

“Hello?” he said

She said in a serious voice “Would you rather have McDonald’s or Country Fried Chicken?” 

“McDonalds” Says the FoodDelivery guy. 

So they get 1000 chicken nuggets.

Then they go out and get ice cream sundaes, but they don’t realise that the person serving them is their enemy. The ice cream is poisoned so when they eat it they faint. The bad guy kidnaps them and they wake up in his lair in chains…

Illustration by Sam Savage