Raining Broccoli

Kesh Primary School, P5
6th February 2024

It was raining broccoli. Burgers was enjoying the broccoli rain until he remembered that he hated it! 

He ran into a bin where he found La La La and Cow, the donkey.

He jumped on Cow’s back and went flying and he fell and broke his back. Burgers brought himself to the hospital. Cow went with him. At the hospital Cow forgot what had happened to Burgers.

Whenever they went in, La La La brought Burgers’ favourite teddy, called Stick. 

The nurse said, ‘You can’t go flying on the back of Cow for a week.’
They lay Burgers on the oven table, sprinkled him with salt and gave him a bottle of grease.

Then the salt got up his nose and he couldn’t breathe. The doctor flipped him upside down!

La La La said to the donkey, ‘Let’s go outside to get some fresh air.’

They went back in and realised that Burgers wasn’t there!...