RC8 and the Humonic Plant

Strangford Integrated College, Y9
13th June 2024

In the Universal Robot Cup final, RC8 scored 27 goals. Buddy, his robot dog in the crowd, chanted, ‘Go RC8 Go!’ whilst RC8 scored his goals. 

RC8 was not happy though. He thought to himself (in a human voice) that he should have scored more. His average was 30 per game! 

All RC8 wanted was to become human so he could play in the human leagues and not just with other robots.

He was walking home with his dog Buddy when he saw Chantelle, the scientist who made Buddy, fall out of a window and land on the concrete road. She had been trying to clean the outside of her windows.

She was very badly injured. The air ambulance had to come and take her away. She barely survived. 

The scientist was very grateful to RC8 for calling the ambulance so when she got better she wanted to help him. 

The scientist, Chantelle, knew how to turn RC8 into a human but she needed a specific antidote to put into the machine. RC8 would have to go on an adventure to find it. The antidote was a type of plant that only grows in a specific jungle in his home country where he was made. It was an ancient jungle filled with temples and the remains of other robots. Chantelle gave him a map so he could find the way.

RC8 jumped up really high and used his rocket thrusters to fly to the mountain but he was short of his fuel, WD40 and couldn’t fly to the peak.

RC8 was hiking up the mountain in search of the antidote. His leg started to hurt. He realised he was out of WD40…