Rusty Beginnings

Drumragh Integrated College, Year 10

9th April 2024

Once upon a time, in an evil mechanic’s dark lab, a robot was born. This story takes place four years later. The robot’s name was Amethyst. He was a striking purple and his eyes were Amethyst crystals. He was a little, boxy robot. His metal face is rusted from his burning, battery acid tears. He was crying because he lost his pet fish and because he doesn’t own the moon. 

He wants to own the moon because he loves the thought of low gravity and he thinks his missing parents are on the moon. However, Amethyst doesn’t have parents. He only believes he does. His fish, Jeramy, found a new best friend and flew away using the fins that Amethyst built for him. 

Amethyst wants to find his parents and a new best friend, but to do that he needs to escape the lab. But the scientists don’t want him to escape.

“Get that robot!” shouted one of the scientists...