Sandra and the Amazing Wishes

Mossley Primary School, P6
3rd October 2023

Illustration by Eileen Neill

One day a normal girl called Sandra was making a wish that she could grant wishes, but there was a big puff, and she turned into a witch herself. She wanted to grant wishes but she didn’t want to be a witch. It was Dorothy who was granting her wish, who was Sandra’s best friend. 

They were in the woods and it was scary. There were lots of snakes and lots of fog. It was really dark and cold. They were working on a project for school and exploring the woods, making a treasure hunt, looking for natural art materials. They were trying to find their way back because they got lost. They had been there all day and they were getting tired and hungry. 

Dorothy lost the power to grant wishes when Sandra got the power to do it. She started spinning in circles and when she stopped, realised she had accidentally spawned a creature called Grore who could breathe fire.

“What have you done?” Sandra shouted. 

Dorothy took one last look at Sandra and then ran away towards a treehouse. 

A black cat appeared next to Sandra. The black cat was actually Dorothy in disguise…