Sky and the Magical Firework

Donegall Road Primary School, P6
June 8th 2016

It was a sunny morning in Skyland and there was a rainbow in the sky. Sky the pug lived on the very top of the rainbow in a cloud house. One morning, Sky got up and slid down the rainbow to Leon the leprechaun’s house.

Leon was there making breakfast. He put smarties and skittles into a bowl and covered them with chocolate milkshake. He gave the bowl to Sky.

“Thank you,” thought Sky. The words appeared in the little thought cloud that followed her around everywhere. Sky couldn’t talk; she hadn’t been able to talk since she was born on the 31st of October 2006.

WHOOSH! Sky’s best friend Candy Floss slid down the other side of the rainbow and landed in the breakfast room in Leon’s house.

“What can I get for you Candy Floss?” asked Leon.

“Nothing, thank you, Leon,” replied Candy Floss. “I have something important to tell all of you. The people down below are going to have a firework display tonight at 8pm!”

“Oh no” said Sky. “I’d better stay inside. I don’t want to get hit by a spark.”

Just then, Sky looked out the window. She saw smoke as a firework launched up into the sky…