Super Rubber and Quacker

St John's Primary School, Gilford, P4
23rd April 2024

Super Rubber saved a potato. The potato was being eaten and Super Rubber flew in to push it out of the way. The potato went splat on the floor and fell into the tiles.

Super Rubber was upset that he wasn’t able to save someone again so he went to the swimming pool to try and relax. Super Rubber was in the swimming pool with Quacker and saved a drowning person. In the background, Quacker moaned to himself, “Oh dear, this happened again…”

Super Rubber couldn’t lift the drowning person out of the swimming pool so he had to get his friend to help. Quacker came along and saved the person without saying anything.Super Rubber looked over to the edge of the pool and saw someone writing in a notebook. He thought, “I hope they don’t use me again.”

The person writing stuff in the notebook made a mistake and had to rub it out, but he didn’t have a rubber. They started chasing Super Rubber for ten minutes and then Super Rubber flew away.

While Super Rubber was flying away he flew into a bird and fell down. The place where he fell down was actually a jungle; a harsh ecosystem. Super Rubber heard a panda and the panda tried to eat him…