The Surprise Behind the Steelpan

Bocas Lit Fest
Trinidad and Tobago
28th April 2023

"Run!!!” Pedro shouts at Frank, “your parents are coming.” 

“Hide the steelpan,” replies Frank. 

They hide behind the bass. Frank begins trembling. He’s afraid of his parents. They don’t approve of him being in the band. 

They hear footsteps. 

Frank’s father says, “are you sure you saw Frank coming in here?” 

Frank’s mother replies, “I smelt him.” 

Suddenly the sound of music could be heard; a sweet melody. 

Bomp diddly bomp..... 

A voice calls out, “where’s Frank with the Bass?  

“Surprise!!!” says Pedro and points towards where the music is coming from. 

Pedro knocks over the drums, revealing Frank. 

Frank’s parents gasp. They stare at each other, open-mouthed.