Terry’s Chocolate Dream

Groggan Primary School, P6

A Lion in front of a diagram showing the earth as a Terry's Chocolate Orange while arguing with a small black and white cat
Illustration by Ben Claxton

16th January 2024

Meet Terry; he really liked chocolate oranges. His biggest dream was to cover the world in chocolate oranges. Although he was very scared of tiny pandas because they were black and white, he was friends with a black and white cat called Socks. He rescued Socks two years ago. But Socks didn’t agree with Terry’s biggest dream, which led to an argument.

Sock said, “Why do you think it would be so good? Is it because your name is Terry that you like Terry’s chocolate oranges so much?” 

Terry said,”Why do you not like my dream? You are supposed to be my best friend and you are supposed to agree with me! Why did I save you?”

Socks said, “Why am I friends with you then?”

Socks then took off and ran away…