Theo's Super Adventure

Holy Child Primary School, P5
30th January 2024

Chapter 1 

Theo, the little boy, had just woken up. The sun was shining and that hadn’t happened in years. Theo met a fox called Ruby, who could talk. Theo and Ruby became best friends after they met in the park. He was on his way to school that morning. 

Theo was from Planet Pluto. He was nervous to go to school because the nasty aliens would be mean to him. 

When he was walking to school he noticed Ruby was walking with him. Ruby thought the aliens would bully her too if she was alone. When they got to class the teacher was really nasty. The aliens looked like hairy monsters. They were pink and purple in colour and had red horns. They were pretty rare aliens.

For some reason the aliens never touched Theo that day. The principal was in the class that day and they didn’t want to get in trouble.

All of a sudden Theo began to turn hairy and purple! The bell went and all of the children ran towards Theo. Because they noticed Ruby was outside the gate…