Stranmillis University College Belfast
January 23rd 2017

Chapter One

‘No, no, no!’ said Felicia, throwing her arms up in the air. Jeremi looked at the ground; all he wanted to do was impress her. When the ballet class finished, Jeremi rushed to see his best friend Jim, the village butcher, as he so often did for advice.

Jim was chopping meat as Jeremi rushed through the door. Jeremi caught Jim off guard and Jim chopped his thumb off. It got mixed up in a big vat of sausages. ‘Not again!’ screamed Jim. Jeremi started to panic. He got up on his toes and clicked his heels. He spun really fast until he looked like a blur.

Jim’s wife Barbara was weighing a leg of lamb at the scales. She heard Jim scream and rolled her eyes. Luckily, Felicia’s mum the nurse was walking past. She came in to the butchers just as Jeremi disappeared…