The Two Medals

Carrickmannon Primary School
24th April 2024

“I’m going to Dad’s funeral, and I am bringing his World War I medal so he can be buried with his achievement,” Bob said to his mother Gemma.

Gemma agreed and said,”That would be wonderful.” On the way to the funeral they started sobbing. Suddenly a blue frog in a mini Lamborghini just blasted out. 

“Hello,” announced Gemma, “are you my husband’s old pet?”

“I am indeed,” croaked the frog.

“What? Dad never had a pet,” said Bob, surprised.

“I definitely was his pet,” he smirked shyly. 

Bob said, “I never met YOU. Who are you??”

“My name is Jimothy the III,” he exclaimed. 

Gemma checked her watch as they were going to be late. So they rushed to the car. Just then Jimothy said, “Get in my whip, I’ll bring you to the funeral.”

Suddenly Jimothy crashed the car. Gemma and Bob got mad and stormed off. While walking Bob got a glimpse of Jimothy, he noticed a medal, the same as his Dad’s, just smaller, on the frog.

Just as Bob was about to turn around and shout “Mum, look”, but his Mum dragged him around the corner before he could finish . . .