The Unexpected Meeting

Abbots Cross Primary School, P5
at Rathcoole Library
28th February 2024

Chocolate Man and the alien monster were meeting for the first time. He was at the Spar, shopping. It was the alien's first visit to Earth and he wanted to find a friend.

The green-skinned alien was looking around the Spar, curiously. He was like a blob and you could see through him. He slipped into Chocolate Man by accident. He was shocked because the day before, the alien was about to crash his spaceship into his house but Chocolate Man stopped it by turning it into chocolate with his super strength.

Chocolate Man said in a deep voice, 'Watch out - you scratched me!' The alien was confused because he understood Chocolate Man's language.

'How do you know my language?' whispered the surprised alien.

'Don't you know that I can speak every language? My name's Chocolate Man.'

'I'm Timothy and I was on my way back to the Moon after my Earth mission.'

Suddenly, Cookie the Chocolate Ice-cream Man arrived with a Cookie Army...