The Vermaid

Orangefield Primary School, Mr Cousley's P6
September 26th 2016

Chapter One

It all started when Sarah was human. She was walking down the street when she was attacked by a vampire. Sarah felt woozy and fell into the dock.

Sarah sank into a cave. In the cave, she met a half-human, half-vampire.

“Hello,” said Sarah.

“Hello,” said the half-human, half-vampire. “My name is Lola.”

Sarah was shocked. She saw a pearl beside Lola and before Lola could stop her, Sarah reached out and touched it. There was a swirl of magical dust around her legs and then POOF! she had a blue and pink mermaid’s tail. Sarah had turned into a half-mermaid, half-vampire!

Chapter Two

Sarah felt worried. She thought she wouldn’t be able to get home. “What will my mother and father say?” she thought.

Sarah swam out of the cave. She struggled at first to try to swim. She saw a shark that was the size of ten humans, with very, VERY sharp triangular-shaped teeth.

“Get off my turf, you scallion!” screamed the shark.

Sarah screamed black bubbles and swam away, but the shark (who was called Bitey) chased her.

“YOU LOOK TASTY!” shouted the shark, chasing her all the way back to the dock.

Sarah swam into lots of two-centimetre long bits of green seaweed that smelled like rotten eggs. She stopped. Lola was on the beach. She saw something happening in the distance and used her super vision to find out what it was. She went to help Sarah out of the seaweed.

“Are you OK?” Lola asked, in the same way you would ask someone how their day was (i.e. casually).

“Would you PLEASE help me up onto the beach??” Sarah replied.

Lola pulled Sarah out of the seaweed. It was hard for Lola but she did it anyway.  “That’s all I can do for you,” said Lola, “because I’m stuck in the seaweed too…”