The Villains

St John's Primary School Gilford, P4/5
30th January 2024


It was a stormy night, and Star was trying to steal gold. He was waiting for the bank to close to go and get gold. He would usually wait until everybody was asleep and go into people’s houses and steal their money.

When it was midnight he broke through the window and jumped inside. He was going to go into their house and steal their valuables. He was nervous to go to the bank because he wasn’t sure if the security guard was off or not. He couldn’t do it alone so he had to go get his best friend. His best friend was in a cage locked somewhere so he had to change shapes to go and get him.

He shapeshifts into a security guard who steals the keys to the jail cell. Once he has the keys he frees his best friend and goes back to the bank.

“Howler, we have to go to the bank to steal more gold before it’s morning.” Said Star.

“Let's go and steal some gold!” Said Howler. “I was almost caught by a security guard.”

They both went to go and get the gold but realised the security guard was there. Star tried to shapeshift into one of his security guard friends so that the security guard would let them through. The security guard realsies they don’t have tags and gets out his freeze ray…