Wonald Wump's Wall

Victoria Park Primary School, P6
October 26th 2016

Wonald Wump had just built a wall. He lived next door to Marudo, the six-tentacled alien. They were sworn enemies. They lived in Shoe Town all their lives but had never been friends.

“That will stop you breaking my windows!” shouted Wonald Wump.

Wonald Wump was fed up having his windows broken. Every day Marudo would dab, throw a stone and break a window.

One day, Marudo got up, picked up a stone, dabbed and threw the stone at the wall.

“LAOOOHHOOHH!” he screamed. The stone had bounced back and hit him on the head.

“That will teach you a lesson,” sniggered Wonald Wump.

Marudo was so angry that he got a ladder and climbed up the wall. But Wonald Wump knew what Marudo’s fear was and he was prepared…