The Wonders of Nature

A foot hovering over a scared flower
Illustration by Ben Claxton

Buick Memorial Primary School, P5/P6
23rd January 2024

Sunshine, the special flower and her friend Marshmallow, the guinea pig were sitting in the garden of a house under the sun, when something very strange happened. A human came out of the house and was about to step on Sunshine.

She screamed to her best friend, "Help! I am going to be stepped on!” The guinea pig tried to get the human’s attention by running between the human’s feet. Marshmallow squeaked as LOUD as she could and she told Sunshine to run.

Sunshine got up and turned into a human. Some sparkles appeared around her and she grew legs instantly. The human screamed and ran back into the house. Sunshine had turned into a woman with blue eyes and brown hair. And she was wearing a green top and green bottoms.

Sunshine cried out to Marshmallow, “You saved me, I am human now and I am going to travel the world!"…