Zappy Versus the Tree Cutters

Wild World Heroes with Libraries NI 

23rd July 2021

Our story begins with Zappy who goes into the jungle to save the animals. He wants to help animals like Tapanuli orangutans and Red Pandas as they are critically endangered and their numbers are going down due to the loss of nesting trees and bamboo.

Zappy spies on the people cutting down the trees. He tells them they are under arrest. 

The leader of the gang laughs and says, “Haha! You don’t have the power to do that.” 

Zappy replies, “We’ll see about that.”

He uses his gun that shoots saplings and he changes its settings, shooting a net over them. 

The baddies use chainsaws and lightsabers to try to cut the net away. However, the net was made of a material which was impossible to break. 

Zappy tells them, “You are coming with me.” He brings the people that are cutting the trees down to a secret underground bunker.