The Zombie Football Player

Groggan Primary School, P7
16th January 2024

Zom was really nervous - he had just been subbed on during his debut match for an ordinary football club. He didn’t know what the fans were going to think about him because he was a zombie. 

Rick was really angry because he was the best player and he was being subbed off. “It’s not fair,” Rich said to his best friend. He stormed off into the changing room where he threw a water bottle at the wall. 

Rick got suspended - for all the anger he threw out - for three matches. This gave Zom the opportunity to see what he was made of. After three matches were over, Zom was back on the bench. The coach was going to choose between Zom and Rick for the next match depending on how hard they trained. 

Zom worked harder and Rick messed about with his friend, but the coach picked Rick because he was biased against Zom. 

Zom got really angry and wanted to quit football forever, but when he got home he had a think about it so he went out and trained every day for two hours. He felt like he was really powerful because he was getting back into it.

He felt like he could have another chance...