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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Mr Ostrich Finds a Friend

Carrick Primary School, P5
16th May 2023

It was after school, and Mr Ostrich couldn’t fly but he was going to try again. Mr Ostrich felt very sad that he couldn’t fly, but he was keeping his hopes up! He went home after school, and the next day he decided to try again.

Every day, he hoped that his class would be a little bit quieter. Mr Ostrich was a teacher at the Ostrich Academy, and his class was always noisy - talking when he was talking, and it gave him a sore head every day...

The Rise of Ground Walker

Strandtown Primary School, Mr Craig's P7
11th May 2023

In a galaxy far away, on the planet Natoo, there was a boy called Banakon. It was hot and sandy and not many people lived there. It was dry, close to having a drought and the footprints of the evil Bedpire were coming close...

Only Half a Tail

Stranmillis University College, BEd Primary Education students
10th May 2023

“Mia! Mia! Don’t jump! Your tail’s not long enough!” squawked Geoff through the darkness of the jungle. Lying in her hammock, Mia was dreaming about making her first swing.

Just as she was about to jump she woke up. She sighed and looked back at her short tail. Geoff was standing over her with his beady eyes. He’d heard her cry out in her sleep...

Giuseppe the Basketball Baby

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Hunter's P7
9th May 2023

It was a cold, windy night in the dark manor on the hill. The white van was rumbling up the street and crashed into the window of the dark manor. It was driven by a pale white, skinny old man called Billy. Billy got out of the van, stepping over the chunks of glass, and went to find his friend Giuseppe...

The President Dog

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Glover's P7
4th May 2023

Ricky the mad scientist was in his lab trying to make Marmalade fly, but suddenly something went wrong.  Marmalade’s dog brain was swapped for a human brain!

Ricky gasped as Marmalade began talking.

‘Whoo!  How did I get here, dude?’...

Bertie’s Blast in the Past

Stranmillis University College, BEd Primary Education students
3rd May 2023

Today was an adventurous day, Bertrum’s flipper feet flipped him further than usual. In fact, he had cartwheeled thirty years back in time.  He peered at his hands and all of his wrinkles had disappeared.

“What’s going on?” thought Bertrum, “why am I at Johnny’s house?”...

Tikko’s Wish

Strandtown Primary School, Mr Roger's P7
2nd May 2023

Once upon a time there lived an orange fishy called Tikko.  When he was very young his mother was captured and eaten with chilli peppers.  He was captured too, but managed to escape because he had legs.  His dad was already dead so he became king. 

All Tikko was looking for was a wife because he was single and lonely.  He was alone, with no friends except for his bodyguard, the tiger shark called Larry.  He wanted to go to Adhantas – an underwater civilisation ruled by girls.

The Biggest Dream

Strandtown Primary School, P7
27th April 2023

Once upon a time, a pigeon called Dave landed in Africa in a strange time. He didn’t know where he was. “I’m really hungry,” he said to himself. “I’m going to go find somewhere to eat.”

He flew into a local restaurant called The Dancing Potato and smashed straight into a plate of mashed potato. He started eating the mash, until he heard an angry voice behind him.

Knife 3000

Stranmillis University College, BEd Primary Education students
26th April 2023

Stephen was in the knife shop and Francis was outside window-shopping.  Francis was confused as to why there was a guinea pig wearing a chef’s hat in the shop.  He had to find out more!  Francis was planning on stealing a shining sparkling knife and did not want to draw attention to himself...