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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Junglers

Word Warriors

23rd March 2023


Fade In:

Scene 1

EXT: In the jungle, night

ZAZ is a werewolf. He is using his claws to scrape through vines in a jungle. There is a full moon. TOM, standing in his hotdog stand, stares up at it full of wonder. He is waving, trying to persuade the monkeys to come and buy a hot dog...

The Evil Shoes

Portadown Integrated Primary School, P5
22nd March 2023
Once there was a pair of red trainers with eyes called Evil Shoes that liked eating toes. The man who sold them was very cruel. 

Everyone who came to his store wanted to buy these shoes but brought them back when they noticed all of their other shoes were all ripped up and the red shoes were trying to eat their toes.

Evil Shoes had started by biting the shoe seller’s toes and ripping up all the shoes in the shop. The shoe seller started painting other shoes red to disguise them, and Evil Shoes was painted brown. People didn’t realise this until everyone started getting their toes bit....

Einstein's Juicy Mind

Holy Trinity Primary School, P5Illustration of Einstein the Apple, created by Holy Trinity PS
21st March 2023

Firstly, there was a kid called Einstein (he was a uniquely juicy apple!). He once was the apple of his teacher’s eye, but then one day he fell from his tree with a SPLAT and a SQUISH! He lost a lot of juice, and got a concussion. He was rushed to hospital and the doctor said he couldn’t afford to stay in the hospital so he had to stay at home in his own bed.

Mission Impawsible for Fox

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Johnston's P4Illustration by Sinead Farry of Strandtown PS Story, "Mission Impawsible for Fox"
16th March 2023 
A 100 Years Project workshop

There was a girl called Violet who had a horse that she could speak to! She had everything she wanted, except a diary. So she went down to the woods, and said to a fox, “Okay big guy, please can I have a diary”...

The Mysterious Dinosaur

Strandtown Primary School, Ms McLaughlin's P4
15th March 2023 
A 100 Years Project workshop

The time capsule was found in the garden of Strandtown Primary School, under a tree.  

A 17 year old guy called Frank was a garden cleaner at the school. He was working in the garden and he found it. He was very excited and he ran back into the school.  

He told Ms Honeybee that there was a random box in the school garden. Ms Honeybee said, “Stop being silly, there are no boxes outside!”...

The Golden Toy Train

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Galbraith’s P4
14th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Joe the Archaeologist had a lab under the Titanic Building. They had been in Paris on holiday and had seen a toy train in a toy shop there. The toy train was the best boy toy there. It was spray painted gold.

Joe had a little boy who was very lonely and he wanted to give him something for his birthday. He really wanted his little boy to be happy. He didn’t have any money because he had given it all to charity...

A Billion Miles

Songwriting at Word Warriors
9th March 2023
Verse: First we’re off to Mars

To see it’s iron surface,

With powder hovering around it.

We jump out of the car, 

we had so much fun

And I’m starting to get tired. 

Where can we go next?...


The Dawn of the Chocolate Shaving Cream

Strandtown Primary School, P4
9th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
It was the dead of night and Robbie was drawing lines on the football pitch. The Word Tournament 1928 was happening the next day. Robbie's dog, Barker, was helping him. Barker was a Border Collie. He was a small furry dog with black and white stripey fur. As always, Robbie was out in pink fluffy pajamas, brown slippers and a pink bathrobe. He was eating toast with butter and Chocoate Shaving Cream when he heard a bump...