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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Golden Toy Train

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Galbraith’s P4
14th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Joe the Archaeologist had a lab under the Titanic Building. They had been in Paris on holiday and had seen a toy train in a toy shop there. The toy train was the best boy toy there. It was spray painted gold.

Joe had a little boy who was very lonely and he wanted to give him something for his birthday. He really wanted his little boy to be happy. He didn’t have any money because he had given it all to charity...

A Billion Miles

Songwriting at Word Warriors
9th March 2023
Verse: First we’re off to Mars

To see it’s iron surface,

With powder hovering around it.

We jump out of the car, 

we had so much fun

And I’m starting to get tired. 

Where can we go next?...


The Dawn of the Chocolate Shaving Cream

Strandtown Primary School, P4
9th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
It was the dead of night and Robbie was drawing lines on the football pitch. The Word Tournament 1928 was happening the next day. Robbie's dog, Barker, was helping him. Barker was a Border Collie. He was a small furry dog with black and white stripey fur. As always, Robbie was out in pink fluffy pajamas, brown slippers and a pink bathrobe. He was eating toast with butter and Chocoate Shaving Cream when he heard a bump...

The Creepy Doll

Strandtown Primary School, Mr Mercer's P4
8th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Once upon a time there was a school and the teacher wanted to make a time capsule. They put the creepy doll into it. Overnight they left it in the school and the Toy Master stole it! 

When the Toy Master was escaping he stepped on a twig and it alerted the whole school. Everyone grabbed their pencils and started chasing him. 

Hammy the Troublemaker

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Bell’s P4
7th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Once upon a time lived a happy family who loved music who had a hamster called Hammy. Hammy goes to Enid’s bedroom. Enid keeps Hammy as a pet. Hammy loves gold and she has a billion recorders that she plays every day. They are hamster sized recorders.

Belly was in the family. She was Enid’s sister. Everyday Enid would practice her singing and play her recorder. Enid and her sister were so good that they could make up a band. Enid and her sister were both 17. They were twins. Hammy heard about their band plan. She found a way of getting out of the cage and stole their trumpet while the sisters were in the kitchen baking cupcakes.

The Making of Bob’s Wish

Word Warriors

2nd March 2023
One day Bob who is a flying sausage, and the bread twins Crummy and Bready decided to go on a quest to climb up the H&W Cranes.

‘Nearly there!’ said Bob.

They came from The Bethany Chip Shop. They had been eating too many chips and said “I’m full, let’s go hiking to get into shape.” They decided to go there because they saw something strange on top of it. The strange sight was also in the news. It was big but he looked like a sandwich...

The Wild Adventure

Strandtown Primary School, Ms McCoy's P4
2nd March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop


Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Molly. She was in her house looking at houses on her mummy’s phone. She was having breakfast. The night before, the frog from her garden tried to open the door with his tongue. He managed to get in by unlocking the door. He crept into Molly’s room and into her bed. Molly was shocked! 

The Surprising Diary

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Farrell's P4
1st March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Once upon a time, a gingerbread man wanted a dirty old diary. This gingerbread man was very very eatable. This gingerbread man was called Johnny. Johnny was smaller than ordinary gingerbread men.Johnny’s great-great grandfather had written the diary, and he wanted to know about his great-great grandfather’s life. His great-great grandfather was also a gingerbread man who was in the army. Johnny’s great-great grandfather was called James and he had told his son that he was going to dig a hole for a time capsule and put his diary in it.

The Missing Sister

Strandtown Primary School, Ms McCourt's P4Illustration of "The Missing Sister", written by Strandtown P4
28th February 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

Late one night, many years ago, one little kid put their favourite board game in a time capsule. The little boy’s name was Sam. 

Sam went to the park bringing with him a time capsule, a shovel, a spade, an apple, a cheeseburger and a bottle of water...

The Lemur and the Cheetah

PGCE English students, Queen's University Belfast
23rd February 2023


And just like that, they drove out of the zoo without arousing suspicion.  At that moment two schoolkids at the bus stop turned to each other.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve just seen a lemur in the back of that car...”
“Catch yourself on, you’re acting like you’ve never seen a cat before.” said one to the other. “There’s our school bus.”