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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Why Did the Cone Cross the Road?

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P6
14th December 2022

Two guys called Cone and Rocky really want a cheeseburger, but they have to cross the road. Cone was a traffic cone, and Rocky was a rock who had telepathic powers. The only problem with crossing the road was that Cone was really scared of cars. 

‘Oh no! I’m going to get run over!’ said Cone to Rocky. Rocky says through telepathy, ‘I can carry you across the road.'

The Wee Lad Living on Mars

St. Catherine's Primary School, P7
13th December 2022

Once there was a young boy named Frederick and he had a very weird friend. He met his friend called Holly on a ring on the planet Jupiter. Frederick lived on Mars with his Mum and Dad and his fish. He was afraid that an alien called Frank was going to eat his family, even the fish! 

The Great Escape of Jimmy the Giraffe

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P6
8th December 2022

Once upon a time there was a giraffe called Jimmy. He absolutely hated the zoo, so he decided to escape. 

After he escaped from the zoo, the zookeepers were looking for Jimmy. The chief of the zoo said on the walkie-talkies, “This just in: Jimmy escaped. The zoo is on lockdown!” 

Jimmy went up in the hills looking for grass, and he found George the Magic Monkey eating cheeseburgers...

The Diner Fight

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P6
7th December 2022

Captain Cheeseball got an alert while he was in his headquarters with his best friend Fire Man. The alert said that there was a robbery. Captain Cheeseball said, “Everyone go home, the diner is closing early.”

Sword and the Blue Eyed Dragon

St. Catherine’s Primary School, P7
6th November 2022

Back in the 1620’s, there was a man called Sword who was very strong and had two children. He had been living a normal life for twenty years before being mutated. He abandoned his twin children named Blade and Joe when they were 13 after the mutation happened, because he thought he couldn’t handle it. A tornado came and destroyed his town and things were never the same again. The tornado was dark grey and a bad spell was spinning around in it. It ruined everything and Sword’s heart. He turned into a sword because of the bad spell...

The Coin of the Core

Leadhill Primary School, P7
1st December 2022
A 100 Years Project workshop

Chapter One: The Golden Treasure

Once upon a time, King Gregor the Third of Scotland owned a coin. The coin was so precious that he kept it padlocked in a box in his pocket. He had white hair, a scruffy beard and his favourite breakfast was wheaten bread and three plump pork sausages...

Daisy's Abandoned Dream House

Stranmillis University College Literacy Intervention programme
With pupils from Currie, St Joseph's (Slate St), St Mary's (Divis) and Glenwood Primary Schools
29th November 2022

Pixie the fox was Daisy the rabbit’s best friend. Pixie was having a sleepover at Daisy’s house. She lived in an abandoned house!

The Final Battle

Leadhill Primary School, P6
A Storyseeds Workshop
24th November 2022
The Dragon Ends

Chapter 3 : Roxy was walking on the trails around the Henry Jones Pitches, to help her back get better. Roxy tripped over a muddy stick and picked it up. Whenever Roxy picked up the stick, all the mud fell off and he knew it was magic and sparkling. He started to heal way faster, and got a forcefield around herself, it was a big blue octagon bubble and had purple sparkles on it. The dragon suddenly appeared and snatched the stick from Roxy, he had smashed the magic stone. When the dragon snatched the stick with a very angry face, he set it on fire with his heatray.  The dragon had broken the stick because he thought he was powerful enough by himself...

Mig's Big Escape

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P5
23rd November 2022

One day, in the future, Mig was watching his friend Jordan play a football match, then he noticed a woman wearing a shiny necklace. He went down to steal it from her when she wasn’t looking...