Welcome to our Library of Stories. Please click on the story title to read Chapter 1.
These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Cat-Astrophe

St Joseph's Primary School, P5
22nd February 2024

The vicious cats had taken over the world and hijacked the Dog Treat Palace. Scooba had a pair of special binoculars tied around his neck and saw this from the moon. He jumped down and landed right beside the Palace. 

Scooba’s best friend Doggo jumped down as well and fell straight on top of the Palace. The roof thundered on top of the cat army and they were stuck...

Magic Mo

St Bride's Primary School, P5
20th February 2024

Once there was a furry mouse called Mo and he had a friend called Bob, who was an evil turtle. Mo’s biggest fear was blue cheese because it was so stinky . . .

To Hell and Back

English Studies Pathway, PGCE, QUB
15th February 2024

All of a sudden I woke up and I could hear the sound of wailing demons and could see lights and moving machinery. 

“Well love, you’ve got yourself into a bit of a pickle.”...

Amelia’s Fantastic Adventure

Birches Primary School, P7
13th February 2024

Amelia woke up to her mother screaming at her to get out of bed and evacuate the island. As her mother pushed her out the door, Amelia saw a dragon destroy her home by freezing it and then getting a sword and chopping it in half. Amelia luckily wasn’t frozen but tragically Amelia’s family was frozen inside...

The Magic Rabbit

Botanic Primary School, P6
1st February 2024

Luna was shouting and banging at Annie’s door.  When she burst through she saw her friend transformed into a peculiar animal that looked like a rabbit. Luna screamed and ran out of the house.  She thought she was dreaming and pinched herself a few  times.  After a minute or two the rabbit hopped out of the house.  She squeaked a few times and Luna said, “How did this happen to you?”...