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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Best Book Ever

Ballysillan Primary School, P3
March 21st 2017

Chapter 1

It was dinner time. Scaryface the farmer was going to McGrass to get something to eat. He got into the driver’s seat of his wheelbarrow and put his feet through the bottom and started to run...

Lost and Found

St. Genevieve's High School, 9H
February 22nd 2017

It was twelve o’clock at night in New York City and a brother and sister were lost.

‘What’s the craic?’ asked Caolan...

Rainbow Robbers

Ballysillan Primary School, P7
March 21st 2017

In a far away land there was a place called Galaxy City. Galaxy City was purple and blue. There were only five people and two animals who lived there.

One of the five people owned a sweet shop called Spend Your Money Today. They sold barbecued bananas, purple cucumbers and turquoise apples. A teddy bear called Kenny lived above the shop.

Ronan the Dangerologist

St. Bernards Primary School, P6
March 16th 2017

Chapter One

My name is Ronan and I’m a Dangerologist. I’m eleven. My job is to save the world from danger and I get lots of help from my best friend, Floppy. I also earn a lot of money because I go on a lot of missions, and if I save people from danger I get paid by those I save...

Max Strikes Again

Kinder Kids Centre
March 16th 2017

Once upon a time there was a man called Jack. Jack wished he could do gymnastics and be a movie star.

One night at midnight, Jack went to the woods. He took a spade and dug a hole.

The Fastest Animal Olympics

St. Anne's Primary School, P4
March 9th 2017

Turtles was a turtle, but no ordinary turtle. Turtles wanted to race in the Animal Olympics. Turtles decided he was going to try and win the races.

Turtles lived in a mansion on the Big Hill. His house was in the water at the top of the hill. The Animal Olympics this year were taking place in a field in a valley next to the hill...